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The world of professional sports is a multi-billion dollar industry, expanding every year. UB's Sport Management degree program is designed to integrate rigorous instruction, project based learning and field experience in order to prepare our students for a dynamic Sport Management career.

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Prepare for a Dynamic Sport Management Career

The BS in Sport Management prepares graduates for careers in athletics from athlete management, team branding, sports marketing and more. A comprehensive curriculum includes legal, ethics, finance, event management and psychology for the sports industry, as well as a business core with courses in accounting, marketing and economics, that will prepare students for a rewarding career in the field of sports management. Students may also have the opportunity to intern within the university athletics department, providing an invaluable experience in a collegiate setting.

Learning Outcomes

Students will learn to:

  1. Explain the application of cultural traditions, social values, and psychological engagement that shape the field of sport management.
  2. Prepare research and interpret data to be used for Sport Marketing, Finances, Operations.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of the concepts of management and leadership and describe the various skills, roles, and functions of sport managers.
  4. Explain the concepts of ethics and moral behavior as they apply to sport management.
  5. Apply essential marketing concepts to the Sport industry, understand the uniqueness of the sport product and unique aspects of sport consumer and sport product markets.
  6. Apply and evaluate principles of interpersonal communication, mass communications, and public relations, particularly as they are related to sport organizations.
  7. Explain the importance of budget and finance to sport-related industries and evaluate micro- and macro-economic principles as they related to the Sport industry.
  8. Explain legal concepts within the sport workplace, understand basic risk management issues applied to the conduct of sport, and evaluate the role of sport governing bodies including their authorities, organizational structure, and functions.

These student learning objectives are in line with our institutional mission as well as the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA) Common Professional Component (CPC). COSMA recommends that these CPC content areas are adequately addressed within an undergraduate sport management degree program.

Our UB Student Entrepreneur Center provides tremendous support to students with a business idea. Sources from within UB, such as graphic design and engineering students, and those outside UB, including professional architects and attorneys, collaborate to bring the idea to market.

- Elena Cahill, JD
Director, Student Entrepreneur Center

UB Expert Faculty

Dr. James K. Page is an inspirational leader who has a keen passion for the enhancement of student engagement, growth, learning and development. He believes in helping to shape the academic growth and development of students from diverse backgrounds. He takes pride in being committed to the university’s mission.

In his research, Dr. Page focuses on issues of accounting education and financial literacy. In recent work, he has studied the Comparison of the Use of Digital Tools That Enhance Twenty-First-Century Skills and a Traditional Approach to Teaching Graduate Accounting. Currently, he is exploring diverse issues with financial literacy for college students with a focus on student debt.

Dr. Page has obtained an Executive Leadership and Strategic Management Certificate from Cornell University. He holds a Doctor of Education degree in Higher Education Leadership & Innovation from Wilmington University, and a Master of Business Administration degree from Sacred Heart University. His undergraduate dual degree in Accounting and Computer Information Systems is from Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT. Before pursuing his doctorate, Professor Page was an executive leader and Chief Operating Officer in Primary Education. Dr. Page has over 18 years of accounting and finance experience in the private, public and not-for-profit sector. He has contributed over 20 years of volunteer service to the Fairfield County Community and continues to do so.

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